A secure
note-taking app
You can trust
and use every day

Main Features


Strong client-side encryption protects Your notes, folders, files and even data structure from any type of interventions

Zero knowledge

We do not know anything about Your data because it's encrypted by Your device. We don't track You by cookies, localstorage, logs, etc.

Encrypted messages transfer

Transfer your note to any other user with attached files and text. It is secure thanks to asymmetric encryption with public key

Synchronous mode

All changes to account data will be visible on other devices where Your account is running.

Nested Folders

Unlimited nested folders are supported. You may organize notes exactly as You need


Attach any files to any part of Your note, move them inside the note. Files are also securely encrypted by Your device and stored at reliable data-center

Advanced Search

Very fast client-side full-text search. Regular expressions are supported.

Browser based

Designed to work on any device. Works fast in any modern browser.


Free forever

$0/ Life

  • unlimited notes
  • unlimited folders
  • 50 MB for files
  • 100 MB download per day


$3/ Month

  • unlimited notes
  • unlimited folders
  • 10 GB for files


float price/ Month

  • unlimited notes
  • unlimited folders
  • unlimited files


Not only because it's a secure note app :-)

First reason: in the future BOZON's client code will become open source.

Besides, in future releases You will get the opportunity to download all the data that we know about You. All this data is nothing more than noise without an encryption key which only You know.

In a nutshell:

  • BOZON.CC does not know login/password of account. Your account is a multiple hash (SHA-256) from login and password, separated by a dot
  • BOZON.CC does not know Your encryption key. After logging in it remains in the memory of your device and is not sent to any server
  • BOZON.CC only stores data that was previously encrypted on Your device.
All the data is encrypted by NaCl library (Salsa20 algorithm). It is similar to AES-256, but faster and more energy-efficient.
Any type, even the secret information.
The data stored in data-center located in the Netherlands. This country respects the right of people to use strong cryptography.
Please ask Your questions via official Twitter